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Twitter and the Butterfly Effect

I was having a great chat with some guys yesterday about the value of Twitter.  Topical question I know but the conversation helped me to justify what I truly thought.

In summary, Twitter exposes you to conversation that you would otherwise not be part of.  People may follow you because of a random spontaneous Tweet you created and that may lead to a connection of some kind.  This in itself may not lead to significant value for you but it may lead to other opportunities.

This view rather reminded me of one of my favourite books – ‘Yes Man’ by Danny Wallace.  Now a film, the book describes how opening up to new opportunities through not saying no when faced with a yes or no question gave him great fulfilment, opportunities providing financial gain, fun and actually led him through a series of events that ended in him meeting his now wife.

I’ve taken a small amount of inspiration from this as I now do not block people who try and follow me who I don’t know.  I originally felt techno-stalked but it has occurred to me that this is not the case and such random followings could lead to greater things that I just don’t know of at the moment.